Houseboats in Srinagar

If you are planning to visit Kashmir and you don’t have a plan to stay in Houseboat in Srinagar, then you are missing out one of the epic experiences in Kashmir.
Houseboats are present in the Dal Lake area of Srinagar. Houseboats are the traditions of the Mughal empire where Maharaja’s likes to stay. Houseboats in Srinagar Dal Lake is the tourist attraction surrounded with the majestic valley of mountains.  Houseboats are like floating 5 Star, 3 Star Hotels. They are made from Kashmir wood known as Cedrus Deodoara. Houseboats are so much beautiful and catchy inside carved with Kashmiri traditional designs. They have many kinds of facilities available like Ironing service, Laundry,  Free-Wifi, Free parking and much more

All the Houseboats in Dal lake have beautiful terrace to enjoy the beautiful view of Dal lake. You can also enjoy the dreamy sunset on th terrace of houseboats in Nigeen Lake Srinagar.

How to Book Houseboats in Srinagar?

Booking Houseboat in Srinagar is quite a simple process. We have one of the easiest booking facilities available to book Houseboat in Dal Lake Kashmir. All you need is to choose the number of persons, booking date and the houseboat of your preference.Once you have selected all those necessary details click on Book now. You will be guided to the page where you need to fill up the details and make payment.

On the date of arrival in Srinagar, You need to visit to the nearest Ghat where you have booked your houseboat. The Ghat no. and the other details will be emailed or texted to your registered email address or Phone number. You will be picked up from there in the Shikara Boat. The luggage will be transferred through Shikara Boat to your Booked Houseboat. If you have further more queries related to booking houseboat in Kashmir , you can get in touch with us through Whatsapp, Email or Phone.

Best Houseboats in Kashmir

Houseboats in Kashmir have different standards depending upon the Size, Comfort, Services & Amenities. Some of them are given below:

  • Super Deluxe Houseboats
  • 5 Star Houseboats
  • Peacock Houseboats
  • Butterfly Houseboats
  • Standard Houseboats
  • California Houseboats
  • Royal Houseboats
  • Chicago Houseboats
  • Gurhkha Houseboats

Srinagar Houseboat rate fluctuates sometimes, so you can also get the quote of the ongoing rates. we always update the houseboat rates on websites and we will apologize if there is any difference in present rates.  For Kashmir cab service you can visit here.

In case you are searching for Shikara ride in Dal lake, them you can book it from us.