Baisaran is also known as ‘Mini Switzerland’ because to its long dark meadows that resemble those seen in Switzerland. Baisaran is a beautiful

meadow located about 5 kilometers from Pahalgam. The thick pine forest that gives the meadow its green carpet appearance contrasts with the

neighboring mountains’ snow-capped summits. A trip to the meadow, a popular tourist attraction in Pahalgam, is certainly a sensory overload. Baisaran is

also an excellent camp spot for trekkers who want to go on to Tulian Lake. Baisaran, which can be reached by horse from Pahalgam, is an off-the-beaten-

path tourist destination in Jammu and Kashmir that provides panoramic views of the town and Lidder Valley. Kanimarg, Pahalgam Old Village, Kashmir

Valley Point, Dabyan, and Deon Valley Point are some of the well-known tourist attractions along the way to Baisaran.


Some of the best things to do in Baisaran

  • Horseback riding
  • Riding a pony
  • Zorbing Ziplining
  • Camping
  • Trekking
  • Photography

How to reach Baisaran from Pahalgam

Baisaran is only 4 kilometers from Pahalgam and can be reached via pony rides that depart from Pahalgam. If you are physically active and exercise on a regular basis, you may also enjoy a 60-minute climb to up to the Valley.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How far is Baisaran from pahalgam ?

The distance between Pahalgam and Baisaran is 4 kilometers. You may go for a pony ride or a trek in the forested hills.

2. Where is mini Switzerland in Pahalgam ?

Baisaran is the mini Switzerland of Pahalgam which is a valley on top of the mountains.

3. Can we Camp in Baisaran ?

Yes you can camp in Baisaran and if you are on Tulain lake expedition then Baisaran would be best spot for base camp.