Chandanwadi is well-known as the beginning point for the Shri Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage, which takes place each year from June to August.. It is

located at an altitude of 2,895 m and is about 16 kilometers from Pahalgam in the Himalayan foothills. Visit this area if you’re seeking for an alternative

tourist destination in Jammu and Kashmir where you may rejuvenate in the presence of nature. The Lidder River flows adjacent, and the surrounding

snow-capped mountains make it a popular tourist destination. During the winter months, Chandanwadi is entirely covered in snow, and you can see the

glaciers melt in the Lidder River.

If you want to get to Chandanwadi, you have no choice except to hire a local taxi!! Beyond Pahalgam, private vehicles are not allowed. Excellent news is

that it’s not too costly, and the driver is well-versed in the road’s turns and potholes, so you’re in good hands. When you visit a site of attraction for an hour

or four hours, the local drivers will not change their face expression. You have them reserved for the entire day, and their next turn might be in 8 or 10

days. Also, they’re fantastic photographers!

Things to Do in Chandanwadi in Pahalgam

1. Photography
2. Site seeing
3. Horse Riding
4. Swimming
5. Trout Fishing
6. Camping
7. Trekking
8. Snow Sledge

How to Reach Chandanwadi

You may go to Chandanwadi from Pahalgam by a path that takes you after you pass the bridge that is located after the local market. It is around 16 kilometres from Pahalgam, and you may get a local cab there to get there. Only local taxis are permitted to visit the Pahalgam’s Offbeat locations. You are not permitted to travel in taxi’s rented outside of Pahalgam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How far is Chandanwadi from pahalgam
The distance between Pahalgam and Chandanwadi is 16 kilometres. You have to book Taxi to reach there.
2. How to reach Chandanwadi from Pahalgam
Chandanwadi is only 16 kilometers from Pahalgam and you can book local taxi from pahalgam to reach there.
3. Can we Camp in Chandanwadi
Yes you can camp in Chandanwadi.
5. How far is Sheeshnag lake from Chandanwadi
From pahalgam to chandanwadi it will take 40 min of time with distance of 16 km.
6. Which river is in Chandanwadi
Lidder river Flows from the road side with beautiful mountains surrounding the whole valley.