Best Time to visit Kashmir

Kashmir is known for its beauty for all seasons . Every season has its own Charm. Tourist who are planning to come to Kashmir and belong to the regions where the temperature is very high above 35 degrees, then you should visit in between April to Oct. So the Best Time to visit Kashmir for Indians is April to Oct.

Kashmir in May is so beautiful, you will now leave without staying at-least 15 days. In winters the temperature drops to -10 that will be much less for the people having habit to live in 35- 40 degrees. If you are the lover of snowfall then Nov- March is the best time to see the the Kashmir under Snow. In Winters there are low of activities that one can do in Kashmir. Every year there is a Snow festival that occurs in Gulmarg Kashmir. You can Enjoy Skiing from top of Aparwat Peak. In Spring you will see the why Kashmir is called heaven on earth. Flowers are everywhere and the temperature is always around 20-30 degree.

Some of the Questions that comes to everyone’s mind

We will try to write honest answers to all of your questions with the help our experience in the Tourism industry.

When Can we See Snow in Kashmir ?

Kashmir is covered with snow all over the year but in high altitude mountains. So a typical answer would be you can see snow in Kashmir at any time but you have to go for trekking in that case. Now if you want to see snow in urban areas of Kashmir then December to March is the best time to see snow in Kashmir. You can See Glaciers on most of the mountains even in the summer season.

Best time to visit Kashmir for Snowfall

Snowfall time in Kashmir starts from ending December to ending march. It is also the best time to visit Kashmir for Snowfall. In winters there is also a Snowfall Festival or Snow Festival in Gulmarg where you can enjoy all the snow activities like Skiing, ice Skating, snowboarding, Snow bike riding, horse riding, Gondola ride or Cable ride and much more.

What is the best time to visit Gulmarg

Gulmarg is famously known for its Snow sports in winter season ( Dec – Mar). Almost every country in the world participates in these snow activities majorly Skiing. If you want to book for Skiing during the peak season, you will not be able to get a ticket unless you have pre-booked your ticket before the snow festival. You can also visit Gulmarg in summer season for its beautiful strawberry valley & Lavender Flowers . Gulmarg is also known as meadow of flowers because it blooms various varieties of flowers in summer.

What is the best time to visit Sonamarg

Sonamarg is known for its beautiful glaciers surrounded with the valley of mountains. It snows heavenly in this region of Kashmir due to which it remains cut off in winter season. It snows about 30-50 ft in sonamarg, zojilla, Zero point, Drass. Sonamarg is famous for its trekking routes to various locations like Thajiwas glacier, Gangbal lake, Gadsar lake etc. The ideal time to visit Sonamarg is from May to June.

What is the best time to visit Pahalgam

Pahalgam is known for its beauty over all seasons. You can visit Pahalgam any time as the Valley remains open in both seasons. But if we are talking about the best time to visit Pahalgam them Summer season(April-Nov) would be the best time. You can explore every place in Pahalgam including off routes during summer season. For Kashmir tour packages you can explore our website.

How many days are sufficient for Kashmir

If you want to travel to only most popular tourist destinations in Kashmir then 6 days are enough to explore Pahalgam, Sonamarg, Gulmarg & Srinagar city. You can go and stay in Pahalgam for two days to check some of the place in Pahalgam. You can Stay in Sonmarg for 1 day, 1 day for Gulmarg and 1 day for Srinagar City. But to be honest, you will not explore everything in this time.If you want to explore everything in these popular destinations, then 15 days will be sufficient for them. If you want to explore every places in Kashmir then 21 days will be Enough. Treks including Kashmir Great lakes are excluded in the time specified.

Best time to visit Kashmir for tulip garden

Tulip garden in Srinagar Kashmir is one of the best thing that one must see. Tulips have a very short life span around 20-30 days. Therefore the Garden remains open only for 30 days or less depending upon the climatic factors. Opening of Tulip garden starts from 1 April and can last up to 20-30 days max. So the best time to visit Kashmir for tulip garden is in the month of April. It is also the good time to visit Kashmir for gardens.

Best time to visit Kashmir great lakes

Kashmir great lakes is the voyage that everyone one should go on to see the real Kashmir. If you literally want to see heaven on earth then you should go to Kashmir great lakes. Kashmir great lakes consists of 7 most popular lakes. All of them are on mountains and are accessible only by foot. As they are on mountains at very high altitude, they are frozen most of the time. But the best time to visit Kashmir for great lakes is between July to September.

Best time to visit Kashmir for apples

Kashmir is also famous for apples. Kashmir produces around 15 lakh tons of apples every year. we have various types of apples orchids. Apple Season in Kashmir starts from August to September. So the best time to visit Kashmir for apples is in August.

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