Sonmarg is usually famous for winter destination and Sonmarg union provides taxis for internal Sonmarg and beyond. The Sonamarg union taxi stand rates varies from winter season to summer season. In Peak winter season the Sonmarg union taxi rates are higher then the rates in summer season. When the Sonmarg is covered by snow chained taxis are must for safe travel for slippery roads. If you wants to know the Sonmarg union taxi stand rates then you are at the right place. we have created detailed blog on all the rates for travelling inside Sonamrg.

Sonmarg is usaully famous for 3 places. Thajwas Glacier, Zojilla pass & Zero Point. All three places are beautiful and most scenic places in kashmir. In order to reach thajwas glacier you need to hire horses or ponnies at ponny stand in sonmarg. Rates of ponnies in sonmarg is usually per person and it starts from 1500-2500 depending upon the season. You can also bargain for minimum rates. For Zojilla pass and zero point you you need to hire union taxi in sonmarg. The cost of Sonmarg union taxi stand is given in below table.

Understanding Sonmarg union taxi stand rates

Sonmarg internal Sightseeing Rates

For zojilla pass and zero point, you need to take taxi from sonmarg union taxi stand. The rates for Sonmarg Zojilla pass and zero point varies from season to season and is usually negotiable sometimes. It is recommended to take advise from your cab driver who is with you from Srinagar. Sonmarg zero point siteseeing usually cost around 4000 but as said earlier it depends on the flow of tourist and season. During amarnath yatra, you need to hire union taxi to reach baltal valley & it usually costs 2000. In off seasons you can bargain and lower down rates for siteseeing in Sonmarg.

Types of Taxis Available in Sonmarg Taxi Stand

At the Sonmarg Union Taxi Stand, Visitors can choose cars only in suvs. Each type is tailored to suit different group sizes and preferences, providing options for both solo adventurers and larger families. In hilly regions only suvs are recommended for safe drive. As the region is accidental prone and suvs are recommended from tourism department. Usually Sonmarg taxi stand have cabs like Innova, Tavera, Eco, Innova Crysta, Mini Vans, Sumos.

Chained Gear Cabs in Sonmarg and Gagangir

In winters when roads are covered with snow, it is difficult for normal taxi to move on ice clayed road. In this case you need chained gear cabs. When you will start your journey towards Sonmarg from Srinagar, normal cabs go till Gagangir only. Gagangir is the place 14kms before Gulmarg after that mountains inclination starts.

In Gagangir you need to change you vehicle from normal taxi to chained gear cabs. There is union stand in Gagangir which provides chained cabs facility. Gagangir chained vehicles varies depends on the flow of tourists but it usually cost 2000 one way or both way 3000-3500.

If Zero Point and zojilla pass is open for tourist during snow season, then you might need chained union taxis from sonmarg to zero point or zojilla pass. Zero point is usually famous for snow activities where children can enjoy in snow and can enjoy snow mobiles, Etv rides, skiing and much more. From Zojilla pass you can experience picturesque mountains and best view of thajwas glacier. You can Stop your car in Zojilla pass you experience best view of baltal valley. Its worth every penny you spend on this journey from sonmarg to zero point.


chained taxi in Sonmarg

Rates for Nearby Places in Sonmarg

If you want to explore nearby places in Sonmarg then must visit places are accessible by union cabs. You can explore Sarbal, Baltal Valley, Zojilla Pass, & Zero Point. You can also explore thajwas glacier from ponnies rides which is also must visit places in sonmarg. we will list all the rates of Sonmarg union taxi stand in below table so that you will get and idea of how much Sonmarg internal siteseeing will cost.

*Note: Please note that the rates I am listing below are Sonmarg union taxi stand rates for the taxi service in Sonmarg only. These are not the taxi rates for Srinagar or any other town in Kashmir. If you wanted to get the rate list for Srinagar, please refer to the Taxi Rates in Srinagar guide.

Sonmarg union taxi stand rates


Destination Price Car Type
Sonmarg to Sarbal ₹1500 Sumo/tavera
Sonmarg to Baltal ₹2000 Sumo/tavera
Sonmarg to Zero Point ₹4000 Sumo/tavera
Sonmarg to Nilgrath/Fish Point ₹1000 Sumo/tavera
Sonmarg to Lashpathri ₹1000 Sumo/tavera

*Note: Sonmarg union taxi stand rates may vary depending on the season and tourist flow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I book a Sonmarg Union Taxi in advance?
    • Yes, it’s possible to arrange for a Union Taxi in advance before travelling. You can contact your tour operator or call us to arrange Sonmarg union taxi.
  2. Can I book a Sonmarg Chained Taxi in advance?
    • Yes, it’s possible to book  Chained Taxi in advance before travelling. You can contact your tour operator or call us to arrange Sonmarg chained taxi.
  3. How to book Sonmarg union taxi for Zero Point & Zojilla Pass?
    • You cab book Sonmarg union taxi from your tour operated. You can ask your tour operated to included all siteseeing at locations or you can call you to arrange it for you.
  4. How much Sonmarg internal siteseeing costs?
    • Sonmarg internal siteseeing usually cost 4000 depends on the season on travelling.
  5. What is the cost of taxi from Srinagar to Sonmarg?
    • From Srinagar to Sonmargtaxi cost is around 3500 for sedan and 4000 for suvs. For details you can visit kashmir cab service
  6. How much Chained gear taxis in Gagangir costs?
    • Chained gear taxis from Gaganir to Sonmarg costs from 1500- 2500 depends on whether you will take one way or both ways. Shared chained taxi is also available in Gagangir.