Jammu to Srinagar Distance Updated

Lets talk about the Distance between Jammu to Srinagar in this blog. We will discuss about all the important questions that can be helpful of during

traveling from Jammu to Srinagar. we will talk about popular destinations on Jammu national highway, Maps, Petrol pumps, Hotels, Emergency services,

Tunnels,Weather, Cost of Traveling, Jammu Airport, Srinagar Airport, Sightseeing and much more. Without wasting more time lets dive into the content.

What is the distance between Srinagar to Jammu

The distance between Srinagar to Jammu is 258kms previously it was 266 kms. It is reduced with the help of new tunnel which is from Banihal to Qazigund.

Qazigund Banihal tunnel is 8.5 kms in Distance and it will help traveler to cut short lot of dusty & hilly road. It will also help traveler to save time in

Journey. The distance might vary if you will take different route. The above distance is when you will take route of Nagrota bypass. If you will go from Seer

distance will increase to 316 kms. If you will also take route of Kud near tunnel distance will vary. Sometimes these long route will help you a lot in

saving time rather than waiting in the traffic jam. These long routes will make you journey shorter in some days.

Route Map

jammu srinagar distance

How much time it will take to reach Srinagar from Jammu

Under normal conditions, it would take around 8 hours to go from Jammu to Srinagar or from Jammu to Srinagar. It will take 6-7 hours if you are an experienced driver who is familiar with all of the routes on this journey. In the winter, the schedule may differ since you must drive slower than usual due to the icy and hazardous road conditions. If you’re unfortunate, you can get stopped on the road due to landslides. Landslides occur more regularly in Ramsu, causing traffic to halt until the route can be reopened. The length of time will depend on the severity of the condition. It might last anywhere from few hours to many days.

How to travel from Jammu to Srinagar

You can travel in many ways from Jammu to Srinagar. The most economical way is to travel through train in half then from local taxi. If we will talk about the fastest way to travel from Jammu to Srinagar then its definitely through Air by Flight. You can also travel through bus that will be present and all time available at Jammu bus station. You can also travel by your personal travel as well that might be car or Bike. You can also book your cab from Kashmir Cab Service

What are the points of interest on the way?

When you are traveling to Srinagar or Jammu by road then you will experience on of the marvelous beauty of nature. In order to reach Kashmir valley you have to cross lots of Himaliyan mountain ranges, so scenic beauty is guaranteed. On the way there are various stops that are very beautiful and picnic spots as well. Most points where everyone stops are as under.

Prem de Hatti Sweets
Chai Point
Tavi Bridge

Places to eat along the way:

you will see lots of places on the way where you can eat and refresh yourself. Mostly traveler stops in Banihal, Ramban, Ramsoo, Udampur, Qazigund, Kud
PatniTop, Prem de Hatti Sweets, Chai Point and more.

How much does a bus ticket cost from jammu to srinagar

Traveling from Bus would be economical if you are large in number and will cost you much lesser than booking local taxi. The cost will be appox 550-600 per person. The cost might vary but not much. You can also check bus fare on the board outside bus station. It can also vary from bus to bus like normal bus and volvo bus with all facilities and classes.

For more cost related questions and Cheap taxi fare visit taxi rates in Srinagar

Srinagar Jammu highway update

If you are traveling on srinagar jammu highway or planning to drive on srinagar jammu highway then you need to regularly check the updates of srinagar jammu highway. It is very unpredictable highway, and mostly there are turns in the way of traffic. Some days traffic only goes from one side and other side of the traffic remains closed. So before traveling make sure that there are no restrictions from your side of highway. You can also call Traffic control room srinagar for more updates.The contact number of Traffic control room Srinagar is 01942450022 and The contact number of Traffic control room Jammu is 01942459048.The contact number of “Traffic control room Pulwama” is 01933247369.

Tunnels on jammu srinagar highway

  • Banihal Qazigund Road
  • Chennani Nashri tunnel
  • Jawahar tunnel

Disadvantages of traveling by flight

You will not see most of scenic beauty that one will experience only by traveling through road. If you want to travel fast then traveling by flight from jammu to srinagar is the best option. Mountains are Epic and marvelous.

Jammu to Srinagar Distance by train

The Distance from Jammu to Srinagar by train is same 258kms but time taken in the journey will be less than traveling through any four wheeler Vehicles

Jammu to Srinagar Distance by bus

The Distance from Jammu to Srinagar by bus is same 258kms but time taken in the journey will be more than traveling through car.

Jammu to Srinagar Distance by car

The Distance from Jammu to Srinagar by car or Jammu to Srinagar Distance by road is same 258kms

Jammu to Srinagar Distance by air Jammu to Srinagar Distance by road

What’s the shortest route between Srinagar and Jammu?

The Fastest and shortest is through Srinagar Jammu highway without going through any villages.