This blog post is part of a series called Best Kashmir Itinerary for 8 days or 8 Days in Kashmir. The series has been created to provide you with all the information you need in order to plan your trip in detail. This includes not only the top destinations in the state, but also what to pack for your journey. We hope you enjoy our posts and feel free to share them with your friends so they can get an idea of why people love Kashmir so much!

Best Kashmir Itinerary for 8 days

Day 1: Srinagar Airport to Pahalgam
Day 2: Pahalgam sightseeing Betab valley, Chandawadi, Aru Valley
Day 3: Pahalgam to Gulmarg
Day 4: Gulmarg sightseeing
Day 5: Gulmarg to Sonmarg
Day 6: Sonmarg to Srinagar
Day 7: Srinagar siteseeing
Day 8: Return date to Airport

Kashmir Itinerary for only South area with Off beats

Day 1: Srinagar Airport to Pahalgam
Day 2: Betaab valley & chandanwadi
Day 3: Aru Valley & Baisaran
Day 4: Pahalgam to Chatpal with Thimdan Village (Night stay in chatpal)
Day 5: Chatpal to Kokernag, Achbal & Daksum(Night stay in Daksum)
Day 6: Daksum to Sinthan Top (Night stay in Srinagar)
Day 7: Srinagar sightseeing
Day 8: Return date to Airport

Kashmir Itinerary for only North area with Off beats

Day 1: Srinagar Airport to Sonmarg with Thajwas glacier
Day 2: Sonmarg to Naranag.
Day 3: naranag to Gulmarg.
Day 4: Sightseeing Gulmarg, Drung waterfull with Srinagar night stay
Day 5: Srinagar to Gurez Valley
Day 6: Gurez valley siteseeing with Srinagar return
Day 7: Srinagar siteseeing
Day 8: Return date to Airport

8 Days in Kashmir: What to Pack for Kashmir trip plan

Planning for your trip to Kashmir is not too difficult as it seems.The first thing to do when planning your trip is to make a list of what you will need. This includes clothes, toiletries, and any other items that you may need during your stay

What to wear in Kashmir

Kashmir is an area in India which is well-known for its beautiful landscapes and scenic mountain ranges. It has a wide range of weather conditions, which means packing smartly is key. The best thing to do in Kashmir is to dress in layers and be prepared for both hot and cold weather.

What to pack in your bag

It is best to pack light and have a few different outfits that can be mixed and matched. You will need a good winter jacket for the cold days, tennis shoes for the hikes, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, water bottle, emergency medicines & chargers.

What not to bring for Kashmir trip plan

As it is not possible to have a suitcase on the back, it is best to avoid heavy or bulky items that are difficult to carry. you can also carry shoulder bags for light things that you have to carry daily on destinations. It is better to bring things like jackets, sweaters, trousers, skirts and tops – this will make your life easier.

Food and cash needed for a day

In our case, we needed to pack a day’s worth of food and cash for anything from 7500-10000 rupees per day. Other than that we had two sets of clothes, a pair of shoes and toiletries.

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